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Amory Wars-inspired Fandom Teas from Adagio Teas!

As a huge fan of tea, I decided to use the tools of Adagio Teas to create a line of Amory Wars-inspired teas!

The below are links to the finished and purchasable teas!




If you buy the Coheed and Cambria together, they’re 20% off for being in a ‘ship!

Those are only the first three available! If you’d like to request a tea, please contact me here. If you’d like to submit your own artwork and fan art to me for use on the packaging, please click that link as well! I will be more than happy to credit you for your contribution! Thanks so much, and happy steeping!

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The Willing Well IV: The Final Cut

Coheed fans, I give you a rare gem. It’s age-restricted and unlisted, and the most incredible music video to ever exist. Enjoy!

Reblogging again for my Coheed followers who haven’t seen this

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#coheed #afterman #ascension #descension (Taken with Instagram)

Me gusta.

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Everyone drop fucking everything that you’re doing. It is not important. Listen to this fucking song. Listen to it. Right now. Forget all other priorities.

oh my gosh.

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juanamongthefence Asked: "I love you. COHEEEEEEEDDDDD!!!! ♥"

Thanks! C:

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